Environmental Textures

The colour palettes established in these pieces of artwork by Anna were used to help work out the tone of each sequence and what kind of lighting would be required.

For the darker shots, harsher and slightly purple tinted lights had to be used to ‘frame’ the characters and help them pop out of the background.

Alternatively, in brighter shots, a yellow directional light was used to cast shadows around them to make them stand out from their environment.


The plan was for every single background of the film to be completed in a very painterly style, with thick, visible brushstrokes and bright colours.

Part 1: Skyspheres

SKYSPHERE_MEADOW_02 This Skysphere is used in Scenes 1 & 2. It is the pleasant, normal sky that appears when all is calm and at peace. As you can see I used very vivid colours and thick brushstrokes to paint the fluffy clouds to create a very fun and carefree sky.

SKYSPHERE_CLOUDY_01_wip This second Skysphere is used during Scene 3, when the rain begins to fall. The colours are still natural, signifying that the situation is not so far from reality, but the swirling vortex of the clouds tells us that the worst is yet to come.

SKYSPHERE_STORMY_01 The colours have gotten even more intense and surreal for this skysphere that is utilised during Scenes 4, 5, 6 and 7. The contrasting colours create a senseā€¦

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