Environment : Snakelair & Snake Run

Most of the second sequence is occupied by the chase of the Rabbit from the Snake through a brambled lair and tunnel, intended to create a feeling of claustrophobia.


This was the initial background and lighting, missing the brambles and dead grass that would be eventually added.


You can see in this shot, the design choice to create claustrophobia relied heavily on dark black and red lighting, though in order to enhance this, the floor and grass were made into pale tan and brown colours, with yellow grass to generate more definition.

When it came to creating the exit, it was important to make sure the corridor was both long enough, and positioned in such a way as to allow the camera to glide through the scene without impacting into geometry.

This paralleled interestingly with the requirement to make the space feel closed and collapsed.

The environment often had to be adjusted between shots to better frame the characters and improve the sense of motion in the scenes.

I also added a soft area light that drifted just in front of the characters in this scene to help them pop out from the dark backdrop more easily.


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